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  • 2018-10-13
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About MotoSpy™ - Unrestricted

Greetings fellow rider!

Thank you for considering purchasing MotoSpy but before you do, please create sure that you are happy with the trial (link at the bottom). MotoSpy - Unrestricted is identical to the trial but removes the Two hour sensor time limiter and 14 day expiration time.

MotoSpy is the effect of 2.5 years of everyday development and testing. I commute to work each day and leave my bike unattended on the roads of Chicago. While I saved cash by no longer buying train tickets, the occasional encounter with vehicles while parked still left me with less money. It’s not until I developed the early prototype of MotoSpy that I started catching careless drivers after they hit my bike, or prevented disasters before they happened, and even deterred thieves. I’ve accumulated quite a few success tales on my own and it’s my hope that this application can do the same for you and give you peace of mind whenever your bike is out of sight.


Before installing [MotoSpy™ - Unrestricted], I highly recommend that you follow this tutorial for the best battery life, performance, stability and keeping your alarm undetected:

Even if you can't follow it as a step-by-step guide because Android device looks various on your alarm, you should still use it as a general guide.

To install [MotoSpy™ - Unrestricted] without losing your settings, follow this video and the numbered steps below:

1- Do not uninstall [MotoSpy™ - Trial] yet.
2- Install [MotoSpy™ - Unrestricted] from this page.
3- Begin [MotoSpy™ - Unrestricted], grant any permissions requested (if any).
4- When you obtain to the MOTOSPY TRIAL DETECTED pop-up, click MIGRATE.
5- You should obtain a "MIGRATION SUCCESSFUL" message, MotoSpy will automatically shut down.
6- Uninstall [MotoSpy™ - Trial].
7- Create sure you are still connected to the internet (WiFi or data).
8- Start [MotoSpy™ - Unrestricted] and grant any fresh missing permissions (if any).
9- Wait until your license is validated.
10- Turn off WiFi and/or data, they are no longer needed.
11- Restart your alarm (to clean up resources).
12- Create sure that your settings look good.
13- Put the alarm in your bike.
14 - Watch the tutorial below.

How to calibrate MotoSpy and configure the LIGHT ALERT range:

*******TERMS OF USE*******

By purchasing, installing and using MotoSpy, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

You have successfully tested the MotoSpy trial and have determined MotoSpy to be a awesome fit for you. To avoid abuse and fraud, no refunds will be given past the standard Android device return window.
Trial version:

MotoSpy is provided to you as is without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. You will not keep me, the developer of MotoSpy responsible for any undesired outcome that may arise from relying on this application to monitor your bike and yourself while riding. The performance and reliability of MotoSpy are entirely dependent on the alarm that you use, your phone service provider, network congestion and other uncontrollable environmental factors.

New Features: Initial release.

MotoSpy™ - Unrestricted Cheats, Hints, Way to Modify, How to Use & How to Win.


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Author: MotoSpy File Name: emmanuelh.motospy Category: Auto & Vehicles
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